Friday, March 13, 2009

We must seed an earth to nourish us
100 years from now

Most Gracious and Loving God,
While we give thanks for this 100 days of President Obama's administration, let us not forget that we must seed an earth that will nourish us 100 years from now, when our children's children's children will have inherited the world. Let us pray for the courage to back these ventures that will give happiness to so many of our descendants in 2109:

That all nations will issue a binding protocol to observe limits on greenhouse gas emissions, so that future generations may breathe freely in a world that protects biodiversity;

That all nations, including the U.S., become signatories to the International Criminal Court, so that every leader who has committed war crimes may be prosecuted;

That the right of every worker to a living wage, and freedom to engage in collective bargaining without intimidation, may be observed in every nation, so that those who labor for their daily bread may be given adequate nourishment;

That we will join other nations in reducing significantly our stockpiles of nuclear weapons as required by the Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty, so that all will know that the US stands for peace and disarmament;

That those who are most vulnerable because of unemployment, age, or infirmity may be protected by adequate pensions, unemployment benefits or other subsidies, so we may remember that the "least" among us should always come first;

That we will heed the Biblical injunction to "beat our swords into plowshares" by reducing the US's bloated military budget by at least 25 percent, so that a host of domestic and international needs for housing, health care, education and employment may be addressed.

We ask all this in Your name. Amen.

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