Monday, January 26, 2009

Give us strength

Dear Creator and Loving Benefactor,

May these difficult times bring us all together under the leadership of Barack, and collectively realize the power to help each other through these darkest of economic times.

We are blessed with the prosperity of Hope and filled with the spirit, to uplift us in these difficult times, holding on to our homes, our jobs and our ability to provide to our families.

Give us the strength and courage to pray for and help those who need jobs, for families and individuals living paycheck to paycheck, for those facing foreclosure, and for those in need of shelter or a square meal.

Give us the ability to legislate effectively for all people who are working and have the feeling of worry during these unsure times.

Give strength to all who have mortgages to pay and for those on fixed incomes or for those who live alone without friends and family support. In you, Lord all things are possible.

Allow us the flexibility to support our new government, give clarity to Barack, and guide our politicians to do what is right and fair to everyone, not a select few.

Let not our hearts be troubled. May we find inner peace.

May we find outer community to give us strength for enthusiastic encouragement for our new President.

In Christ, we pray. Amen --Jules

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