Tuesday, January 20, 2009

I awaken today with thanksgiving

Precious Creator,
I awaken today with thanksgiving
For the new hope which is overwhelming ordinary people,
As they make their way, in unimaginable numbers,
To Washington, D.C., to see if this hope might
Be made real.

I awaken today with thanksgiving that
We are finally shedding the cynicism
That has been fashionable,
And trying on a belief in positive change,
A raiment which, for so long,
Has been considered passé.

I awaken today with thanksgiving for
Humanity's intellect, resourcefulness, and love of work,
And pray we can resolve, in this hopeful moment,
To use them for a common good, rather than for personal gain.

I awaken today with the prayer that we can set aside
Our passivity, our desire that others should do
The difficult things,
Our tendency to ask too much of a few people
And too little of ourselves.

I awaken this day praising God and
Ready to begin.


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