Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Rules of Engagement: how to submit your prayers

Please submit prayers for concerns you have, for things that you wish to see changed, or begun to change, during President Obama's First One Hundred Days in office. To submit a prayer, send me an email, with the word "prayer" in subject line, to the email address listed on the blog site ( Please note if you wish the prayer to appear on a specific day within the first one hundred, either by date or by the designation Day 1, Day 10, etc. There may be several prayers posted on one day. Unless requested for specific days, I will try to spread them out.

I would like to post original prayers, that is, prayers that you have written. However, if there is a prayer already written that you think is particularly pertinent, I will post it if you include where it's taken from (e.g. Book of Common Prayer, 1928; Teresa of Avila, Interior Castle; Abraham Heschel, God in Search of Man).

I will try to post most prayers I receive, with minimal editing. I will correct spelling errors (if I see them) but not grammar, in order to maintain the writer's voice. I would like to see prayers written in positive terms. I will publish angry prayers, but not ones that are entirely negative, or include obscenities or ranting about former presidential administrations. This site will look forward, not backward.

Prayers can express a sense of humor or irreverence, but they should all respect God's presence within all of us and all of creation. They should be respectful of all religious beliefs and practices. I will post prayers from people of all faiths and with no specific faith (agnostics welcome!). I encourage religious communities and prayer groups to submit prayers.

Please sign your prayers in any way you wish to be recognized. A first name or a group name is sufficient. I will not publish sir-names unless specifically asked. I would like to post affiliations if you wish to include one, such as the name of your mosque, synagogue, parish, or temple; your religious order (including third orders and associates) or intentional communities, your prayer group or any faith community you wish to be identified with (e.g. Tanisha, Prayer Warriors of Des Moines; Mary, Alabama Cursillo 65).

It is, for me, very powerful and pleasurable to pray with others. I look forward to praying with and for all of you over the next 100 days.

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