Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Let us be united in our desire

God of Reconciliation and of second chances,

You have never gone back on your promise of loving and sustaining us…

…as individuals or communities or nations.

No matter what we have said or done

To ourselves

To each other

Or to you,

You have always called us back to be reconciled to you

And to be embraced in your loving arms

With grace and mercy and forgiveness

And a renewal of the call of justice and responsibility.

In this age of angry words and divisiveness,

Guide our president as he seeks to govern

Those who agree with his plan and policies

And those who oppose him.

Help those who celebrate do so with humility,

And help those who grieve do so with hope that all is not lost.

Even in our divisions, let us be united in our desire

To do justice,

To love kindness,

And to walk humbly…together…with you.

AMEN --Pastor John, Lutheran, Ohio

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