Saturday, January 31, 2009

I pray that...

I pray that President Obama and his family be kept safe from all harm.

I pray for a rapid turnaround for our economy: specifically that people be able to find gainful employment and/or keep their businesses running, so that they may keep their homes from foreclosure or keep their rent payments up to date, afford their medical insurance, put food on the table, and enjoy comfortable retirements.

I pray that employers will do whatever they can to keep workers on the payroll.

I pray that Unemployment Insurance benefits be extended through the end of 2009 for the long-term unemployed.

I pray for government protection against all new foreclosures without the need for homeowners to file for bankruptcy. I pray, too, that banks cease their practice of falsely claiming that homeowners are in foreclosure as a prerequisite to renegotiating high mortgage rates. This unfair practice ruins homeowners' credit ratings.

I pray that additional funding be approved for Section 8 housing and that applications be reopened for new applicants. Renters need government protection to keep roofs over their heads, too.

I pray for consumer confidence so that shoppers will stimulate the economy.

I pray that people will find it in their hearts to donate food to food pantries and houses of worship and that they make time to volunteer in homeless shelters and "soup kitchens".

I pray for a successful mediation in the Middle East, leading to a full truce and, miracle of miracles, lasting peace in the region. I pray, too, that President Obama will be able to bring our troops home from Iraq and Afghanistan and yet secure the safety of our nation.

I pray that President Obama can keep acts of terrorism from our shores.

I pray that the Obamas adopt their dog from an animal shelter, spurring new interest in rescues, relieving overcrowding in shelters and alerting the American public to the horrors of puppy mills. In fact, I pray for new legislation shutting down all puppy mills.
--Andrea, NY Episcopal Cursillo 74

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